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Design Week: Art reaches the Fuorisalone with Rubelli and Luke Edward Hall

Design Week: Art reaches the Fuorisalone with Rubelli and Luke Edward Hall

During Design Week in the streets of Milan, London art reaches out and boldly hits the events of Fuorisalone 2022 thanks to artist Luke Edward Hall and his collaboration with Rubelli Group.

The Fabric Collection designed by Luke comes to life from the lines of the London countryside in which he lived his daily life and not only, the artist is also inspired by Greek Mythology as we see symbols such as the Lyre present in the fabrics.
Shapes, symbols and colours blend perfectly with the quality of Rubelli fabrics, which are rare and unsurpassed for home decoration.

In addition to this collection Rubelli Group goes to great lengths to create magnificent fabrics inspired by delicate rays of light reflected on ceramics designed by artist Peter Marino.
The fabrics are embellished with gold yarns and made with great versatility as they can be used in front and back with different colours.

Let it inspired by the Rubelli Collections for the interior decoration of your choice.


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