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come abbinare i cuscini per il soggiorno

Decorative cushions for the living room: how to choose them

Cushions are a key element in making the sofa comfortable and cosy, but choosing the right ones can be a tricky business. Here are some tips on how to match cushions on your sofa in a harmonious way:

cuscini decorativoChoose cushions of the same or similar colour. If you have a sofa of a uniform colour, you can choose cushions of the same or similar shades to create a harmonious effect. You can choose cushions of different shapes and sizes, but it is important that they have a similar shade to avoid creating an uneven effect.

Match the cushions with the rest of the furniture. You can choose cushions that match the rest of the furniture, such as the carpet or curtains, to create a visual continuity effect. You could, for example, choose cushions with a floral pattern if you have a carpet with a similar pattern or cushions in a colour that matches the colour of the curtains.

Use cushions to create an effect of movement. You can choose cushions of different shapes and sizes to create an effect of movement and dynamism on the sofa. For example, you can choose rectangular and square cushions together with round or flower-shaped cushions. In this way, the ambience will be more lively and interesting.

Choose cushions of different textures. You can choose cushions of different textures, such as velvet or wool cushions, to create an effect of depth and movement. In addition, the different textures will add a touch of originality to the sofa.

cuscini soggiornoIn addition, it is also important to consider the comfort of cushions. Choose appropriately upholstered cushions so that they are comfortable to sit or lean on. With these tips, you can choose the right cushions for your sofa and create a cosy and valuable ambience.

If you are looking for custom-made cushions that can be fully customised from the shape to the fabrics, Isidera, thanks to its in-house tailoring and upholstery workshop, makes everything you desire for the decoration of your environment.

cuscini su misura lusso


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