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Imbottitura Sostenibile per Piumini

Sustainable Filling for Duvets

Is it really possible to change the environmental impact in the textile industry?

Yes, how? By perfecting by making the best use of what nature has created and man has perfected.

This is possible thanks to the padding Isidera uses from silk production waste, combining high standards, naturalness, pollution control with Co2 reduction and body care.

These fillings are a perfect thermoregulator capable, in all weather conditions, of maintaining a constant and balanced body temperature.

They accompany the body towards the thermal 'comfort zone', avoiding temperature changes and sweating, taking care of the body's physiology, healing and regenerating the skin

As we know There is no other fibre, (natural/synthetic), with the same excellence as Silk.

Sustainable down filling

Organic and sustainable down filling - Silkworm

Natural duvet and pillow filling, directly from silkworm waste.

In Italy, silkworm breeding was first introduced in Sicily by the Saracens at a time when Europe was still unaware of the economic potential of this insect.

Gradually silkworm breeding caught on elsewhere and continued to establish itself, contributing to the fortunes of the islands, which also enjoyed important access to maritime trade routes.

imbottitura sostenibile 

The most prosperous period for silk production in our country corresponds to the 18th century, when silkworm breeding was also commonplace in the northern regions. Between the two wars there was the first significant downturn, only to disappear completely in the 1950s due to Chinese competition. Today, in fact, China is still the world's leading silk producer.

sustainable upholstery

Isidera takes concrete initiatives to protect the environment, combat climate change and preserve natural resources.

In addition to ethical choices also aimed at preserving bio diversity,

Isidera's commitment to respect and preserve the environment is an integral part of its values and culture.

By making conscious and responsible choices for our planet, from local production to the choice of recycled materials by investing in fabrics created from the recovery of microplastics dispersed in our seas. It is estimated that in the Arctic Ocean, there are 40 microplastic particles per cubic metre, mainly from polyester.

sustainable duvet filling

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