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Arranging furniture
Although it seems like a good idea on the surface, placing all the furniture on the walls is not the best choice to make. If we position the furniture wisely, we can visually alter the dimensions and perspective of the room, making it look very large compared to its initial dimensions.
This is because basically our eye is like the lens of a camera and we can easily fool it.

Carpets too small or too large
The carpet is a piece of furniture that should be chosen as carefully as the furniture itself. While it is a relatively easy object to replace, we must not forget its enormous potential:
* It warms up the room
* It colours it or makes it more neutral and clean
* It can visually enlarge or shrink the space in a room
I advise you to choose the material well - it must be of the highest quality - and to ensure that it covers more than half of the floor surface if the effect you intend to give is one of enlargement and above all you prefer customised products.

arredamento errori

furnishing mistakes

Fake the environment you live in
The house should speak of the person who lives in it, of his passions, of his life.
There is nothing worse than entering someone's home to be greeted by beige walls, brown furniture and a mass-produced print on the wall, without anything truly personal. Of course, an ambience similar to those you see photographed in magazines can be beautiful, but it is not 'home': that is why it is necessary to include elements that reflect the personality of the person living it.

Small objects, paintings, photographs, books, works of art if you are lucky enough to own them, travel souvenirs are enough. But you can also express your character, and give it to the entire home, through prints and textures
for upholstery, carpets or other textiles. Only in this way will the home be right for the person who lives in it.

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Verschönern Sie die Innenräume


Es ist möglich, den Innenraum Ihres Hauses ohne Renovierung aufzuwerten. Dies ist dem geschickten Einsatz von Farben, Licht und Accessoires zu verdanken.

Lassen Sie sich von den Isidera Dekokissen-Kollektionen inspirieren

Lernen Sie, den Innenraum Ihres Zuhauses durch Farbe, Licht und Einrichtungsaccessoires aufzuwerten

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