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Tende da Interni: Come Sceglierle e Consigli

Interior Blinds: How to Choose and Advice


When furnishing a flat we often tend to overlook details, forgetting that it is actually the details that make the difference.
This is the case with curtains and drapes, very important furnishing elements in a home, but which are often underestimated and put in the background. Let's find out together how to choose interior curtains for your home Why is the choice of curtains important in a home? It is important because curtains create atmosphere in the home, provide us with the right amount of privacy, protect us from excessive light when we want a more relaxing environment, and if chosen tastefully they are the icing on the cake in a well-furnished home.

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There are so many types of curtains: roller, packet, drapery, panelled; these are just some of the curtain proposals you will find on the market and this vast choice will put you even more in difficulty if you do not have clear ideas. Obviously, every room in the house needs a different type of curtain, but the choice also varies according to your taste and the style of the house. Whether modern curtains or classic curtains.

Dark curtains with heavy, densely woven fabrics make the room visually smaller, in contrast to colours and light weaves that make the space look larger and brighter. It is true that with dark fabrics you will have more privacy in the home, but at the same time you will not enjoy the light even with closed curtains. So you have to weigh your choice and first analyse your home and the room where it will be placed. If the room is small and there is little light, it is better to opt for a light and light curtain fabric


Whether plain or patterned, your interior curtains will have a prevailing colour. As you know, colours are differentiated into warm colours and cold colours; warm colours make the environment more welcoming and warm, unlike cold colours; in fact, cold colours create a more relaxed but also more sterile environment. Therefore, when choosing the colour of curtains, you have to think about the final effect you want to achieve.
It is also important to think about the type of dwelling: for example, if you have to buy curtains for a beach house, do not choose a warm coloured fabric. Similarly, if you have to choose curtains online for a mountain chalet, it is certainly not advisable to choose a cold-coloured fabric.

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Make sure that the colour matches an element in the room, such as the sofa or a rug, and only choose a patterned curtain if the room is not already too colourful as you would risk a redundant effect. If you opt for a striped patterned curtain take into account that horizontal stripes have the tendency to make spaces look smaller and narrower.

On the contrary, vertically striped curtains will make the room visually larger.


You do not always choose long curtains for long windows and vice versa.
If you have a window in a room that does not reach the floor, you can still choose to cover it with a long curtain. By choosing a long curtain, the room will look elegant and sophisticated. It is a quality type of curtain that is particularly suitable for the living area and bedroom.
Long curtains with light fabrics, such as Devoré curtains for example, will brighten up the room without weighing it down.

The problem with long curtains is that they touch the floor and get dirty very easily and filled with dust. If you think you cannot take care of it, better opt for a short and more manageable curtain. If you have animals or small children in the house, the long tent is certainly not the best choice.

tende da interni milano

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